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Post  EC Fullmetal Wolf on Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:08 am

((OOC: You find yourself wandering down a path with trees on all sides of you and birds soaring above you. The trees are all moving and changing. You watch them individually sprout as saplings and, within minutes, grow to towering pillars of the forest. Then, as soon as they grew, they shrink back into the ground and disappear. The landscape is ever-growing and shrinking, with no clear horizon in sight as trees grow and shrink in their own timeloops with different start-and-end times.

The birds in the sky soar, wither with age, return to their youth, and fall to the ground as stone-hard eggs. Within moments, the eggs hatch and the birds again take flight.

You look around you and see the others with whom you are travelling. Some seem to be fading in and out of existence, others remaining solid and opaque. Some begin to grow older, others grow younger. Though their bodies change, their voices and minds do not. They maintain the wisdom (or lack thereof) of the form in which you have known them all along.

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