Fifty Arcyn Information Bounty

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Fifty Arcyn Information Bounty Empty Fifty Arcyn Information Bounty

Post  EC Fullmetal Wolf on Tue May 03, 2011 1:18 am

The Baron has issued a bounty of fifty arcyns to be paid to anyone who contributes information describing the criminal known as "Azoth/Kage."

Bounties will only be accepted from those who he has met in person.

Take Note:

Three armed guards will be stationed at the public notice boards from here on to deter the miscreant from accruing further punishment for himself.

The Baron will be visiting other towns under his control until Ildiiun, The Eighth Month. When he returns, trial will be held as usual. Any criminals incarcerated before that point will be held in bondage until then.

Sheriff Hubert Litzmann

((Staff Note: Yes, that means that each time you post on the INC boards you must go past 3 armed guards. No, I will not tell you what level they are. Yes, they can interact with your character in more severe ways than using harsh language and threats.))
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