Romping in Romerstein

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Romping in Romerstein Empty Romping in Romerstein

Post  Maturin on Mon May 02, 2011 12:17 pm

First off, this event was massively entertaining, with a large thanks going to Daryl for his NPCs. The Baron was an interesting character to interact with, and Diego is just always entertaining. I can't remember the old man's name, but I liked his weariness with the world and all the history he provided us with. Then to Marina, for keeping us toasty and warm with her epic fire-tending. I'd also like to say that carrying trees up and down hills and smashing them on rocks to make firewood is a good way to feel manly. ... And barbaric. One quick note. Duhn'Korin rule. I get to use an axe as a parrying dagger? Really? YES!! So let's see. I'm not quite sure of what our total body count was from the weekend (stopped counting during the multiple waves of everything) but it was awesome. We killed everything we came against, and got enough loot that even the rogues were happy. Can't wait for the next event. Very Happy
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