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Post  Batman on Sun May 01, 2011 2:08 pm

So some awesome stuff went down during this past event and I think some people should totally get achievements for them. Here is my own list of what I think should be given:
-Sid Lord of the Flames (To Marina for keeping and maintaining an awesome fire a bit obsessively)
-Toasty Buns of the World Unite (To Me, Bunny, and Abe for deciding to warm our arses over the fire in unison)
-Say What?!......Oh Shit (To Abe for constantly taunting the enemy and making him their primary target)
-Attempted Sacrifice ( To Kristina for un-roguishly giving herself in to the Juhn-Gar only to find out after her escort is killed that they were not very honest)
-Undesirable No. 1 (To Azoth for amassing 5 death sentences in one go and being hated so much that the Baron talks about enjoying killing you when you aren't even there)
-Get That Monkey Off Your Back/Web Of Shadow (To Shadow-me-for jumping off of a 40 ft high wall to land on a 30ft high spider and stealthing it in the back as it climbs up a web)
-Im In It For the Money (To Shadow-me-for staying on said spider till I defeated it and it falling and landing backwards ontop of me, almost killing me, and after I am pulled out from under it and am being binded, the first thing I ask is "wheres the loot? Go get the loot.")
-Its Always the Quiet Ones (To V-Kristina-because as soon as we get out of town limits the first thing she asks Daryl is basically: "since we are out of town jurisdiction do the laws apply? Could I kill someone and not get in trouble?)
-Let It All Hang Out (To Bunny for wearing his kilt traditionally, as it should be)
-Torch Bearer (To Bunny for using his own underpants/t shirt in conjunction with a stick to make a torch)
-Out Like the Lights (To Adam for sleeping through the boss fight)
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